How To Replace Your LG Dryer Heating Element

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As convenient as dryers are for getting our clothes clean, they can cause frustration when they malfunction. One of the most common problems is a faulty heating element, which can result in your dryer not working properly. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to diagnose and replace an LG dryer’s heating element, so you can get back to drying your clothes without any issues.

Symptoms of a Faulty Heating Element

Before we begin diagnosing the problem, it’s essential to recognize some of the symptoms of a faulty heating element. These include:

  • Clothes taking longer than usual to dry.
  • Dryer not heating up at all.
  • Dryer making strange noises.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s likely that the heating element is causing the issue.

Tools and Materials Needed

To diagnose and replace an LG dryer’s heating element, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement heating element
  • Safety gloves

If you know how to perform dryer heating element replacement and need some guidance then you can watch our dryer repair technician video but Max Appliance Repair recommends contacting the best appliance repair service to get it done safely as improper placement of heating element could result in hazardous fires or shocks due to improper grounding.

We hope now you have the necessary knowledge. Remember that high-quality dryer repairs take time and money – so don’t rush into anything without doing proper research first!

When looking for an appliance technician to fix your LG dryer, it’s important to do some research and read customer reviews. A great place to start is by asking friends or family who they recommend – as personal recommendations are often the most reliable way of finding a trustworthy and brands authorized appliance repair company. If you are in need of branded appliance service, then give us a call, our expert appliance technicians will arrive immediately to do repair on same-day.

You can inquire about our pricing structure and estimated timeframe of completion. Additionally, you can check our reviews and ratings on Google. 

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Safety Precautions

When working on your LG dryer, it’s crucial to follow some essential safety precautions, such as:

  • Wearing safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Disconnecting the power source to prevent electrocution.
  • Avoiding touching any exposed electrical components.

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