3 Samsung Dryers Error Codes You Need To Know

3 Samsung Dryers Error Codes You Need To Know

Are you having trouble with your Samsung dryer? 

Error codes can be one of the most frustrating aspects of running appliances. Knowing what the error codes mean and how to reset or repair them can help get your clothes dry in no time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common Samsung dryer error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them.

Common Malfunction Samsung Dryers Error Codes

  1. Samsung Dryers is #NF or “NO FUNCTION”

The most common malfunction code associated with Samsung dryers is #NF or “NO FUNCTION” – means that something is preventing the appliance from spinning or heating, which could indicate a faulty part. To fix this issue, it might be helpful to unplug the appliance and check the connections, as well as checking the drive belt for any obstructions or damage. If none are found and the error persists, it may be necessary to call for service or replace the faulty part.

  1. Samsung Dryers is #dE or “DOOR ERROR

Another common fault code associated with Samsung dryers is #dE or “DOOR ERROR”. This means that there isn’t proper contact being made between the door and its sensors – likely due to a misaligned door latch. Before attempting any type of repair, make sure to disconnect power from the unit and check for any loose components. MAX Appliance Repair recommends loosening the hinge screws then manually pressing in on each side of the door-latch before reattaching them securely – as this allows tension between both sides of the latch and ensures proper closure when shutting it again. If the error doesn’t go, give a call on (519) 783-0984 to book your dryer repair today!

Common Malfunction Samsung Dryers Error Codes

  1. Samsung Dryers Frequent Fault Codes: #UE (Unbalanced Error), #SE (Suction Error), and #LE (Low Temperature)

Other less frequent but still possible fault codes include: #UE (Unbalanced Error), #SE (Suction Error), and #LE (Low Temperature). Each represents different issues that must be addressed according to their specific causes – such as bad wiring connections, blocked filters, or clogged vents – so it’s important to have a professional technician look at your unit if these errors begin occurring often.

We hope you now have a better understanding of some common Samsung dryer error codes and how they may be fixed! 

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable making repairs yourself we always recommend calling a reputable appliance repairman for assistance. As always, please keep safety first when working with your electronic appliances by disconnecting power prior to inspection*!

*MAX Appliance Repair advises users not to work on consumer electronic appliances if they are uncomfortable doing so – please refer all repairs/questions about specific problems to licensed appliance technicians only. To learn more about, click Samsung Dryer Repairs.

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